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We buy houses in Oshawa, Ontario in cash.

Sell your house fast in Oshawa in less than 30 days and close quickly. No repairs needed.

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What homeowners are saying…

I dealt with James and Xavier after I saw one of their business signs with their contact details.  After leaving a message they got back to me very promptly and we wound up selling them our home at a great price!  Very professional and friendly guys.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to avoid realtor fees when selling their home.


– Joel Parkes

Do you want to sell your house fast?  We pay cash for homes in Oshawa in any condition and close when you want to!

We’re James and Xavier of  MARKEN Property Investments, local home investors in Oshawa, Ontario. We will pay cash for your house and we buy houses anywhere in Oshawa. So if you’re trying to sell your Oshawa house fast and you’re looking and you’re looking for an easy and effective solution, we can help! 

As young boys, we learned the importance of hard work and becoming financially stable as soon as we got our first jobs at 13. Part of our passion for real estate comes from that desire to help others be financially stable. Selling your house now for cash might not be your first choice, and chances are you might be in a tough spot, but it may be the very thing you need to be stable and move forward in your life. We both started working at 13 years old and knew at a young age how important it was to try and become financially stable. Sometimes getting cash for your house can remove a burden from a family or individual, and we can help with that. 

We created MARKEN Property Investments to provide true solutions to real estate needs. Creating win-win scenarios is our goal, transparency is what we’re built on, and you can feel confident you’re getting our best efforts and hard work. We’ll buy your property for cash and you can walk away happy and with one less burden. 

Ready to sell your house now, for cash? Fill out the form to get started.

Sell your house fast in Oshawa, in whatever condition it’s in.

As house buyers, we provide these benefits…

  1. Don’t worry about listing your home – you don’t have to!
  2. Sell your home 100% as-is, no repairs or improvements needed.
  3. Get paid cash for your home.
  4. We’ll handle the paperwork and closing costs.
  5. Receive a cash offer for your home in 24 hours or less.

So if you’re here because you were looking for someone to buy your house fast, then contact us today or fill out the form to request an offer!

How it works.

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Sell your home in 3 easy steps…

Step 1 – Fill out the form. This lets us know you’re interested and looking to sell. We’ll contact you ASAP once we receive it, and set up a time to come out and get an accurate offer number on your home.

Step 2 – We’ll make an offer. As long as the home is a good fit, and we think we can help, we’ll make a cash offer on your home, usually in 24 hours. You can decide if you want to take it or not, no pressure or obligation.

Step 3 – We’ll buy your home whenever you want us to. If you decide to take the offer, just let us know when you want to close. We’ll handle the paperwork with the bank, and clean up whatever you leave behind. You can get paid, and walk away.

Still have questions? No problem, we’re happy to talk with you and answer your questions, give you more information. Or you can read more about how the process works here.

Work with cash home buyers who care about you.

As we’ve stated, we care a lot about our clients. We are completely transparent, upfront and committed to finding a solution to every problem we encounter. Life can take some crazy turns and we understand that things aren’t always in our control when it comes to money. We have the utmost respect for our clients and treat everyone with the dignity and kindness they deserve, no matter the situation they’ve found themselves in. This is why we buy homes quickly in Oshawa, giving people real solutions and an opportunity to change their circumstances fast. If you’re looking for cash home buyers, we’re your people. We’ll take care of all the details and you can walk away with cash in your pocket. 

We buy houses in Oshawa from anyone.

We pay cash for homes in Oshawa from homeowners in any situation, including:

  • Foreclosure – If you’re facing foreclosure, we can help. Sell your house for cash and get yourself in a better place.
  • Relocate – Sometimes you have to make a fast move and don’t have time to list your home. We’ll take care of it! We’ll buy your property for cash and you can move on as quickly as you need to. 
  • Inherited property – An inherited property can be a blessing and a curse. If you live out of state or are trying to settle an estate quickly, working with MARKEN is one less thing you’ll need to handle. 
  • Don’t want to make repairs or list – Listing your house isn’t as simple as it seems. Selling your home for cash can help you avoid repairs, work, and money you have to put out to list your house.
  • Looking for a short sale. – Do you have the opportunity for a short sale? We can provide a quick solution and buy your home for cash. 

Bottom line, if you’re looking for cash home buyers in Oshawa who can help you sell your home as fast as possible, we’d love to talk with you!

Listing your home vs. selling your house for cash.

Often people think listing your home is a great way to sell – and it can be! But it’s important to look at a few things. 

First up, the extra costs: YOU pay for

  • commission, 
  • closing fees, 
  • repairs, inspections, 
  • appraisals and more. 

You also pay in time and effort. 

Between multiple showings, the time of repairs you make yourself, the stress of negotiations and uncertain timeline, listing your house can produce more stress and frustration than most people anticipate. 

When you let us buy your house for cash, that list shortens up and your headache goes away faster than you’d imagine! When you sell your house fast with MARKEN all you need to do is:

  • Choose a closing date
  • Take any belongings you want (or leave it all, we don’t care!), and 
  • Show up at closing for your cash

That’s it. We take care of everything else. We buy houses in Oshawa and would love to work with you. Just let us know you’re interested by filling out the form and we’ll take it from there. 

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