4 Benefits of Selling a Home for Cash

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There are so many reasons why we choose to move. Some people move because their houses are too expensive. You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you can’t necessarily afford your home at the moment; in fact, about 5% of all Canadians report that they’ve moved to reduce housing costs. The bigger concern is facing foreclosure, which can become a reality if you are unable to keep up with your mortgage payments. Other people choose to move to be in a better area, or because they need to relocate for a job opportunity.

No matter what your reason for moving, you may be reading this because you need to sell your house fast. It’s one thing to consider selling a house. Selling a house fast is another issue altogether, and one that is fraught with issues. As you may already know, it’s difficult to control the speed with which your house sells on the traditional real estate market. You cannot simply pick a buyer and a closing date. Your house could spend months or even years on the market without selling. That’s why many owners choose to sell a house for cash. But if you’re not familiar with this process, you may not be aware of its benefits. Let’s explore them below!

1. You Get Your Money Fast

There are a lot of advantages to selling a house for cash. But if part of the reason why you’re looking to sell your house fast is that you need the income quickly, you should seek out buyers that give cash offers for homes. Cash buyers do not need to seek out mortgage loans. Instead, they have the full amount ready for you, with no need for approval from a third party.

You can actually get your money within days when you sell your home for cash. If you need to move quickly or don’t have a new home to move into yet, this could be life changing. You may need to sell your house fast due to external pressures, and that’s understandable. Just consider a cash offer to help you face those pressures.

2. Less Risk

One of the many reasons why it can be difficult to sell your house fast is that even if you find a buyer quickly, that buyer may not be able to follow through on their offer. They could change their mind, of course. But they could also be denied a mortgage loan by a bank, rendering them incapable of buying. This could throw off your timeline by weeks or months.

As previously mentioned, cash buyers don’t need mortgage loans. Therefore, they are able to move forward confidently, and your offer won’t fall through simply because a buyer has a bad credit history.

3. No Appraisal Needed

Most cash buyers are not looking to have a home appraised when they make an offer. This is a standard part of a bank approving a buyer for a mortgage, but lots of cash buyers are able to make an offer based on their own estimates.

You should keep in mind that part of a reason why this is possible is that cash buyers are often making offers in order to renovate and “flip” a home, especially if you’re selling to a cash for homes company. While some cash buyers still require appraisals, others do not. because the intention is to invest in the home and make a profit off of it. Cutting this step out of the sales process can speed matters along for you.

4. No Repairs Needed

If a cash buyer plans on renovating your home, they usually will not require you to make repairs or renovations yourself. Not only does this save you time; it also can save you a lot of money.

While some sellers view renovations as investments in their homes, if your goal is sell as quickly as possible you will not have time to make much of a return on your investment. Therefore, selling quickly should be your goal.

The benefits of selling your house for cash are clear. You can sell quickly and obtain your money quickly in turn. The next step is simply finding the right company to work with!

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