You Can Sell Your House Fast

If you are selling a house in Ontario you likely have two primary goals, you want to sell your house fast, and you want the money to be right. Unfortunately, selling with a realtor is not the best way to accomplish either of these goals.

A realtor may say that they can sell your house fast, and their intention is likely to do just that, but there are quite a few things out of their control that will affect how fast your house sells. Of course, those things that are out of your realtor’s control are also out of your control, and that can leave your house sitting on the market for months or more. There is a better way to sell your house fast.

What does Fast Look like to Your Real Estate Agent?

When a realtor tells you they can sell a house fast, their idea of fast and your idea of fast probably do not mesh. In real estate selling a house fast is on average about 3 months. That is 3 months from the time you meet with the realtor to the time you close, if every single thing goes through without any hiccups at all.

In most cases, “fast” is about 6 months. To some people, 6 months is not even on the scale of what they think of as a fast sale. Of course, you are also paying that realtor about 6% on top of the potential 2% you will pay in closing costs. To recap, you will wait about 6 months or longer to sell your house, and for your patience, you will also have to pay commissions and fees out of the proceeds of the sale.

Most sellers are simply amazed to learn that fast to them is not what is fast in the real estate sales game. What if there was a better way? There is.

The Faster Easier Way to Sell

What if you could sell a house for cash without having to pay any fees or commissions, and you could choose your closing date? What if you could sell your house today? All cash offers for homes are a better way to sell when you just do not have time to wait.

You do not have to show your home, make repairs, or worry about any of the closing costs and commissions. When you sell a house for cash Ontario sellers have found, you do not have to deal with any of the stress or the costs, and more importantly, you do not have to play the waiting game.

If you need to sell your house fast, and do not want to deal with all the pitfalls of dealing with an agent, you can. Learn more about how cash for homes work and how you can take advantage of this option.

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